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Pregnancy and Childbirth often leads to some form of urinary incontinence due to weakness in pelvic floor muscles. This condition is widely accepted as normal for older women and women who have had children. Although common, it is by no means normal and very treatable!

What can I do?

Early intervention and education can prevent symptoms from worsening. Treatment involves specific pelvic floor exercises and establishing an awareness of how to effectively activate the correct muscles. The post natal period is key for learning these exercises to prevent long-term discomfort. Entire Health can help!

At Entire Health, the use of Real Time Ultrasound (RTUS) by our qualified Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists provides a non-invasive visual image of the pelvic floor musculature and directed practice can ensure that these muscles are contracting in an ‘upwards’ direction, as opposed to ‘bearing down’. Once correct activation is established it’s vital to be able to maintain this contraction while moving –

Yummy Mummies Pilates

Pilates is an ideal exercise program to achieve this. Our Yummy Mummy’s Pilates classes provide a regular time each week (Saturday mornings at 10am at North Lakes) to focus on building strength in the pelvic floor muscles and to tone the rest of the body. Post-natal massage also assists posture and alignment issues by releasing tight muscles.

Yummy Mummies Pilates