Real Time Ultrasound provides real time (as it happens) imaging of muscles.

What can Real Time Ultrasound do?

Entire Health is now offering Real Time Ultrasound imaging to assist the recovery and aid prevention of back, pelvic, groin and hip problems. Our Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists are now trained in imaging the deep muscles in your back, lower abdominal area and pelvis. It’s then possible to check if they are working correctly or even working at all! This device allows us to view deep stabilising muscles in action. It is so easy to see on the screen the different layers of muscles, the quality of muscle fibres and their ability to contract without the overlying abdominal muscles.

For those of us who are visual learners, this is a great way to learn to activate deep muscles before understanding how it is done.

Real Time Ultrasound

Why is this important?

Retraining of these muscles is vitally important to enhance core stability and improve motor control in any painful spinal and/or pelvic condition. Many chronic problems in the back and pelvis do not improve with treatment or exercises because the deep muscles are either not working or people are exercising the wrong muscle group (outer unit), so they are exercising the wrong way!

Using the portable RTUS machine at Entire Health your therapist can show you which muscles should be working and how to activate them correctly in Real-Time!!

Its non-invasive, there is no radiation.

As the RTUS is provided by the Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists at Entire Health, the service is claimable for members of Private Health Insurance Companies under their ancillary cover.

RTUS is also available to those covered under Workers Compensation and other Third Party Insurers.

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