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Pilates Programme Options

At Entire Health we have a range of Pilates Programme options – classes are available as are private and semi-private options.

Introductory sessions

Our two introductory sessions are a way of ensuring that we develop a safe workout suited to your posture type, and ability level, with any necessary modifications for problem areas taken into consideration. At your first introductory session you will have a private one hour consultation with your instructor where your posture will be analysed and your specific needs and goals will be established. You will be introduced to the basic principles used in all the exercises to give you a feel for the method. In the following session, these will be reviewed and you will be taken through a personalised workout of basic exercises. Once you have completed these two sessions, you are ready to move on to one the following programmes, each with their own benefits.

Private Sessions

These sessions are the most effective as they enable you to receive personalised one-on-one supervision of your workout. The pace can vary depending on the individual and exercises will be modified to your specific requirements.

Semi-Private Sessions

Share the cost of a private session with a friend! This still allows you to tailor make your Pilates programme with a high degree of personalised instruction.

Mat Classes & Small Equipment Classes

Join with no more than 5 other clients in a workout in which your awareness is challenged as you move through a repertoire of exercises on the floor with the use of small apparatus such as flex-bands, fitness circles and fitballs.  Please note that these sessions are not recommended for those who are injured or in pain. Our ISP (injuries and special populations) class would be the exception.

Studio Reformer+ Classes

Love Reformer? Ready to move to a fitness class that focuses on strength, endurance and takes your Matwork to another level? This class mixes Reformer workouts with circuit-style Stability Chair, Vertical Frame and fitness components. Prior Matwork experience essential

Join with no more than 5 other clients in a  class to learn resistance-orientated exercises on equipment which uses springs and pulleys to provide no-impact conditioning exercises for all areas of the body.

Yummy mummies

The Yummy Mummies class is specifically designed to cater to the needs of pre- and post-natal women.  A wide number of props (including flex-bands, fit balls, fitness circles and toning balls) are incorporated into the workout to enable you to stay physically active, strong and energised during your pregnancy, and to strengthen abdominals to help speed up post-natal recovery.

For pre-natal participants, this workout aims to prepare your mind & body for motherhood & includes exercises & tips on how to support your changing body.

Post-natally the workout focuses on conditioning exercise which help to reactivate & gradually strengthen the deep stabilising muscles of your body & boost your energy levels.

Suitable for pre-natal clients up to 38 weeks &post-natal clients 6-8 weeks after giving birth.