PilatesOur Pilates instructors specialise in the STOTT PILATES contemporary approach to teaching this method ofexercise and movement.The studio provides high quality individual and group tuition in a format that is designed to accommodate and challenge a wide spectrum of fitness levels and abilities.Quality equipment and props – including STOTT PILATES reformers, arc barrels, spine supporters, fitballs, fitness circles, BOSU Balance Trainers, and toning balls – are incorporated into individualised workouts in the light, open studio space.






We are committed to providing clients with a dynamic approach to their exercise regime regardless of their level of fitness, ability or previous experience.We aim to provide high quality instruction of international standards ensuring that each individual develops an awareness of their own postural idiosyncrasies and how to correct them.A variety of workout routines is available to challenge and inspirethe body and mind.
Client satisfaction is a priority

The Five Basic Principles

The following Five Basic Principles form the foundation of the STOTT method. All education and programs are developed from these. Whether performed on a mat or on specialized equipment, application of the following biomechanical principles will ensure the realization of maximum benefits from Pilates exercises:

Pelvic placement
Rib cage placement
Scapular movement
Head & cervical spine placement