Hydrotherapy is a gentle form of physiotherapy treatment focussed on exercises in a heated pool.

Why does it help?

Due to the buoyant properties of water, it provides relief from painful joints and lower back pain. Exercises can be directed at improving flexibility and balance, increasing strength and muscle control or increasing mobility.

What conditions can Hydrotherapy benefit?

Exercise in water has been shown to be beneficial for many forms of injuries and pain including:

-back or neck pain
-post-operative weakness
-poor balance or co-ordination

Following an initial assessment by a qualified physiotherapist, your hydrotherapy program will be constructed to meet your exclusive needs, and either individual or class sessions are available.


At Entire Health Redcliffe we offer our one on one and class sessions in the Dolphins Aquatic Centre – a custom built facility for all people. It offers ramp access or hoist seating  for disabled or injured participants. The pool temperature is maintained at a comfortable 33 degrees.

A testimonial for Hydrotherapy – March 2012

Hello, my name is Mary-Therese. I am 49 years old and I have Cerebral Palsy, but don’t let that define me.

When I was young I used go swimming with my Dad. We would go all over Brisbane to have a swim, Dad was a good swimmer and I would have a tyre to keep me afloat.

A few years ago I started waking up feeling very tight and thought If only I could sit in a swimming pool maybe I could relax my body better. I was also struggling to exercise independently. I asked the Physiotherapist here where I live about it but she didn’t think swimming would help me.

I was telling a friend about my wishes and she suggested I tried a Physiotherapist from somewhere else. I asked her would she mind helping me organise it, so she rang Entire Health.

A few days later a young lady by the name of Megan came to see me at my home who was a Physio from Entire Health. Megan suggested I start some hydrotherapy with her.

When I first started I felt pretty hopeless, (I bet Megan thought what on earth have I got here!). However she kept asking me back each week.

hydrotherapy at entire health

To get in and out of pool they have a wheelchair which is specially made to go in and out of the water via a ramp. My helper used to push it all the way into the pool to get me in and of the water, but now they only push it halfway down the ramp and by holding the rails I walk in the rest of the way. We then do the same thing on the way out.

I used to see people in the pool using a noodle and think I could never do that but I would like to try. Now I am using a noodle to swim and float and sometimes I swim without one. Megan will make me work hard and often throws me in the deep end. Also Megan and I would often have fun by chasing each other in the pool. She would splash me and I try to splash her back.
My goals are to be able to swim a length of the pool unassisted and to be able walk all the way when I get in and out.
My parents passed away a few years ago and when I achieve something I often wonder did Dad & Mum see that.

I go every Monday to hydrotherapy with Megan and I love it.

Anything is possible 🙂

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