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Your hamstring muscle is the large muscle group on the back of your thigh that bends (flexes) the knee and straightens (extends) the hip joint. The hamstring originates from a bony lump (ischial tuberosity) in the buttocks region via its tendon. When this tendon becomes inflamed hamstring origin tendonitis results.

Hamstring tendonitis usually occurs as a result of overuse however in can be a result of an acute tear in the hamstrings that has not been treated adequately. It is a common condition in sprinters.

Symptoms of Hamstring origin tendonitis

To include the following:

•    Sudden onset of sharp pain but more often there is a gradual onset of pain after an exercise session
•    Local tenderness in the buttocks region
•    Pain with a hamstring stretch and resisted contraction
•    In long standing cases there is hamstring weakness and tightness

Diagnosis and treatment

Your physiotherapist will be able to treat and diagnose Hamstring origin tendonitis. Treatment would focus on decreasing the inflammation. This may include the use of electrotherapeutic modalities, ice and light massage. Rest from aggravating activities is also important at this time. As the inflammation settles treatment can become more vigorous. Your therapist would now use deep massage techniques as well as stretching and progressive strengthening exercises. Your physiotherapist would also assess and treat any other predisposing factors (e.g. weakness or tightness of other muscle groups, poor lower limb biomechanics).