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A bunion is an abnormal bony lump that grows at the base of the big toe.

This causes the big toe joint to become enlarged to the inside of the foot which cause the toe to point inward.

Why do Bunions occur?

Bunions usually occur due to poor fitting shoes or the wearing of heels that have a narrow front. Rubbing occurs irritating the toe resulting in redness, swelling and pain leading to the formation of a tough callus over the toe joint.


In most cases treatment is non surgical and involves means to relieve the pressure on the big toe. This would usually involve your podiatrist who may provide you with one or more of the following:

•    advice and education about appropriate footwear and in some cases prescription of footwear
•    custom made orthotic
•    a pad to protect the joint and relieve pressure
•    A device to restore the normal position of the toe

In some cases however the bunion may continue to regrow causing persistent pain and thus surgical removal of the bunion may be required. This is usually a day procedure. Following surgery your physiotherapist will mobilize you and assess whether you require crutches before you return home. If required they may also provide you with bunion booties to make walking post op easier and more comfortable.