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Working with Peninsula Power Football Club is enjoyable and challenging for the Physio team at Entire Health.  As official physios for the team we get to work closely with players and coaches alike.

Soccer and performance

High level soccer requires exceptional performance from the human body.

Being able to cut a quick dash with expert control over the ball takes years of practice. Stopping suddenly to avoid an opposing player, carrying all of your weight on one leg to pivot, all the while still holding that slippery ball – is no simple feet.

Not to mention the boisterous booting of the ball to midfield (and beyond) by the keeper after diving heroically to prevent a goal. And have we failed to mention that all this takes place almost constantly for 90 minutes? No doubt, soccer is a game that requires the human body to sport an impressive resume.

So what happens when someone doesn’t land a kick like they are meant to, and they suffer an injury?

Injury and Recovery peninsula power and entire health

Injuries sustained at this level are varied, from small repetitive tears and sprains to the dreaded anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear. And as in all injuries, it’s important to render appropriate intervention to begin rehabilitation as soon as possible. But here there is the added pressure of returning to play; recovery needs to be fast!

Often the players visit their therapists more regularly, are highly committed to their exercise program, and are stringent with their restrictions. We also work closely with the coaching staff and health support at Peninsula Power to ensure players can return to their full ability in the most appropriate timeframe.

It’s important to remember, that although the patient’s health is always paramount, they are still a team player even in their recovery phase. We attempt to get players back to training with their teammates even if they are not yet cleared for play that weekend. We incorporate the drills and skill-workshops run by the coaches as a part of recovery programs. This allows specific muscles and ligaments to regenerate according to stressors that they normally encounter in match games. Task-specific practice is vital to return a player to their former glory.

At Entire Health we are committed to your specific recovery needs, no matter what team you are a part of.

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